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DynamicWeb 10 is a very flexible application when it comes to hosting. There are many options to choose between.

DynamicWeb Cloud

The DynamicWeb Cloud is hosted by the DynamicWeb Operations Team. By opting for Dynamicweb Cloud hosting, you ensure that you are consistently operating on the most up-to-date release. Each day at 7am, we conduct a check for the latest release and seamlessly transition to the newest version using a blue/green switch mechanism. A solution hosted here is also easily accessible to DynamicWeb Care in case you need support.

Contact DynamicWeb Care to get started.


For self-hosting scenarios, IIS is a very well-regarded option. Read more about hosting DynamicWeb 10 on IIS here.


Many modern web application are moving towards a containerized hosting model. See this guide to learn how to host DynamicWeb 10 in a Docker container.

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