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Setup Guide

The what's what on the DynamicWeb 10 setup guide.

The DynamicWeb 10 setup guide is an install wizard which will guide you through the process of:

  • Connecting to or generating a Files-folder
  • Connecting to or generating a database
  • Configuring an Administrator-user

It is launched when you access the URL of a solution which is not connected to a database or a files folder.

  1. To get started click Get Started DWInstaller1

  2. You can create a new /Files-folder or map the solution to an existing /Files-folder from e.g. Swift DWInstaller2

  3. Next you must setup a connection to a database:

    • Select a database type
    • Specify a server to connect to - you can use localhost for local installations
    • Specify a database to connect to
      • Check Create database if it does not exist to create a new db
      • If you're connecting to a Swift database use the name you specified when you extracted it
    • Specify the username and password of an SQL user with sysadmin or dbcreator permission to create databases on the server DWInstaller3
  4. Next you must configure the administrator user:

    • Specify a name and an email
    • Set the user name - we suggest using Administrator
    • Set the password DWInstaller4
  5. After this, the solution is configured and you will be directed to login. If a license has not been installed you will be asked to install a license. DWInstaller5

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