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This document outlines the requirements for using DynamicWeb 10.


The DynamicWeb administration interface works in all modern browsers:

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Edge (latest)
  • Firefox (latest)
  • Safari (latest)

Local Development

For local development we recommend:

The installation guides are based on this setup.


For production environments, the requirements vary based on the hosting environment, and there are different concerns to be aware of.

Windows and IIS

When hosting on Windows and IIS, these are the minimum hardware requirements:

  • Quad-Core Intel-processor or equivalent. Adjust accordingly if visitor counts tend to spike.
  • 8GB RAM. Adjust accordingly if running the SQL-server on the same machine.
  • Fast disk array -- data redundancy and backup is strongly recommended

The minimum software requirements are:

With these specs you should be able to handle traffic equivalent to 5000-10000 daily sessions, depending on implementation and module usage.


Due to the extra server side workload of PIM solutions, we strongly recommend having at least 12-16 GB RAM.

Furthermore, you should be aware that disk IO will be at a premium, so for self-hosted solutions a fast SAN or SSD disks is required.


When hosting in Docker, it's important to not set the resource limits of the container too low. Also, it's recommended to utilize load-balancing and bring up more containers to deal with load.

For production hosting of containerized solutions, it's recommended to use orchestration like Kubernetes or K3s to ease management of the infrastructure.

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