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Forms for Editors

Create forms, render them in frontend, and collect data from visitors.

The Forms for Editors app is a tool for creating forms, which enables you to collect data from visitors in a structured manner.

Forms for Editors' key functionality is to:

  • Create forms and view form submits via a configurable app
  • Publish forms to frontend via a paragraph app

In this document we will look at the paragraph app.

In frontend, the Forms for Editors app allows users to interact with a chosen rendered form. The form can have different fields for input and different layouts.

Forms for Editors 2

Forms for Editors 3

Fields can also be set to be required, active or hide field in receipt.

Forms for Editors 1

Once the user has submitted the form, the app has features to specify a page to redirect the user to, or to specify a confirmation template to use and a text to publish using that template.

Forms for Editors 6

The app can also facilitate the setup of user receipt e-mails when the form is submitted and...

Forms for Editors 4

... the administrator notification e-mails.

Forms for Editors 5

Forms for Editors also features the max submit settings, that allows you to control if and how the form should limit users from submitting form data.

Finally you can specify a path where user-submitted files should be stored, and whether you want to create users on form submit and add them to user groups.

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