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Shopping Cart

Render cart content, handle checkout, and shows receipt to customers.

The Shopping Cart app is a paragraph app which is used on Commerce-solutions to do various things, e.g:

  • Keep a record of the products which are added to cart
  • Show cart content & related information to the customer
  • Guide the user through the checkout process, allowing them to supply e.g. an address and select how to pay and which shipping service to use
  • Display receipts & send out order confirmation emails

So, basically, this is the app you use to handle checkout - in frontend this typically involves showing cart content to the customer... ShoppingCartExample ...making the customer select or enter a shipping and billing address... ShoppingCartExample2 ..selecting a delivery service & date... ShoppingCartExample3 ...selecting a payment method... ShoppingCartExample4 ...and displaying a receipt. ShoppingCartExample5

Please note that this checkout flow - which comes from Swift - is just one possible way to design the flow, you can also implement a one-page checkout and more, see here for more information.

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