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Our appstore and configurable apps

The Apps area contains an appstore and set of configurable apps.

By default you will see the appstore interface - from this interface you can install add-ins such as payment providers or integration providers as well as any custom addins on the solution. Appstore You can search and use filters to find the add-in you want to install, then use the context menu (...) for the list item to install/update/uninstall it. Once installed, the add-in is instantly enabled on the solution and can be used.

Configurable apps

Apart from the appstore, the Apps-area also features three configurable apps accessible from the dropdown in the area-tree - they are:

Each of these apps involves you doing something in the administration, like define data definitions, create forms, or setting up activities and consents, before doing something else in frontend. Some of them also feature a paragraph app, in which case you will also find them on the list below.

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