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An introduction to implementing DynamicWeb 10 solutions.

DynamicWeb 10 is a very flexible system - and there are several ways to approach implementing a DW10 solution:

  • DynamicWeb Swift

    Swift is our standard best-practice solution which can serve as a starting point for creating beautiful, mobile-friendly websites. Swift implements many features in Dynamicweb for content, Pim and Ecommerce and can be configured to follow a brand CVI and to have different ways of working. The implementation can also be customized further to meet all customer requirements. Read more about Swift

    Learn how to do implementations using Swift

  • Templates using C# Razor (SSR)

    You can also create your own designs using server side rendered Dynamicweb templates in C# Razor. This implementation model requires some templating skills and uses ViewModels defined by Dynamicweb as well as our API.

    Learn how to do implementations using Razor templates

  • Headless

    Finally, you can use DynamicWeb 10 in a headless setup and use our delivery Rest APIs to create a full headless implementation with CMS, PIM and Ecommerce. You can create a javascript APP using any framework you want and deploy it to the Dynamicweb solution, a cloud based CDN host, and app or whatever is needed.

    Learn how to do implementations using headless

You can read more about each of these implementation models in this section of the documentation.

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