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An introduction to implementing DynamicWeb 10 solutions.

DynamicWeb 10 is a very flexible system - and there are several ways to implementing a solution:

  • DynamicWeb Swift is our standard best-practice solution which can serve as a starting point for creating beautiful, mobile-friendly websites. Swift implements many features in DynamicWeb for content, PIM and Commerce and can be configured to follow a brand CVI and to have different ways of working. The implementation can also be customized further to meet all customer requirements. Read more about creating solutions using Swift

  • You can also create your own designs using server side rendered DynamicWeb templates in C# Razor. This implementation model requires some templating skills and uses ViewModels defined by DynamicWeb as well as our API. Read more about templates here

  • You can also use DynamicWeb 10 in a headless setup and use our delivery Rest APIs to create a full headless implementation with CMS, PIM and Commerce. You can create a javascript APP using any framework you want and deploy it to the DynamicWeb solution, a cloud based CDN host, and app or whatever is needed. Read more about DynamicWeb 10 and headless here.

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