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Install using Swift

How to install a pre-packaged solution on top of a clean DW10 solution.

To install a pre-packaged solution, e.g. DynamicWeb Swift, on top of a clean DW10 solution you do three things:

  • Install a DynamicWeb 10 application
  • Download and extract a /Files-folder with the Swift-design and other static resources
  • Download and extract a .bacpac database file with Swift-example data, such as pages, items, orders, etc.

Install a DynamicWeb 10 application

There are multiple ways to install a DynamicWeb 10 application - choose one which fits your scenario:

Extract the database

To extract a Swift database:

  1. Download a Swift database file
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Right-click on the Databases-node and click Import Data-tier Application
  4. Select the .bacpac file and extract it

Extract the Files-folder

Next, you want to extract and use the downloaded /Files-folder - to do so:

  1. Download a Swift Files-folder
  2. Go to the application folder of the installed DW10 application and open the wwwroot directory
  3. If there is a generated /Files-folder delete it
  4. Extract the Swift /Files-folder here

Connect the Files-folder to the database

After extracting the database and /Files-folder, you need to connect them. There are fundamentally two ways to do this:

  • By editing the GlobalSettings.Database.config-file found in the extracted /Files-folder:

    • Locate the Database-section and fill in the connection details:
      • Password
      • Username
      • Database
      • SQLServer
  • By accessing the solution URL with /admin added and following the steps in the setup guide to connect to an existing database and /Files folder

Install a license

Finally you must to install a license. Open the solution URL in a browser to launch the license wizard. Follow the instructions and log in.


If the DW10 installer launches when you access the solution URL during this step, something went wrong and the solution does not detect the connection to the database and files folder you just connected it to. Please go through the steps again and correct the error.

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